Your Move To Make

 - Halper (c. 1999)

Raise your glass, make a toast,
Let your voice be heard from coast to coast.
Just speak up, don't be shy,
You don't have to ask the reason why.

Raise your hand, state your claim,
You're the one who makes the rules in this game.
Change it round, stir it good,
You don't have to ask if you should.

'Cause this is your life to live, take it while it's here.
No one's gonna live it for you, it's your wheel to steer.
And this is your move to make, your role of the dice,
And you don't have to take your turn
But you won't get the offer twice.

Raise you standards, and your sights,
May your world be filled with infinite delights.
Grab a handful, just dig in,
You don't have to ask permission to begin.