The Intent Of Our Lives

 - Halper (c. 2004)

Where we goin’? Do we know?
Do our lives sway to and fro?
Do we live haphazardly – hoping this and that?
Do we give our dreams away when they pass the hat?
And when our lives are over
Will we like what we see – you and me?

Where we goin’? Do we care?
If we don’t make up our minds – it could be anywhere
‘Cause the only place that we belong
Is where we set our sights – am I right?

We laugh a lot – we cry a lot
And sometimes we collide with our own way
But that’s OK

As long as we know what we want
Even backwards steps are making strides
Toward the intent of our lives.

Where we goin’? Have we any idea?
Our angels are all placing bets that we’ll put away our fear
They’ll guide us if we let them
When we don’t know what to do – me and you.