The Heart of New York

 - Halper (c. 1999)

I wish I had the heart of New York,
A ticker tape Times Square flat.
Beating to the rhythm of the taxi cabs,
Then I could love you like that,
Love you just like that.

I wish I had the soul of Boston,
A chattery cobblestone lane.
Soakin' in the sounds of Harvard Square,
Then I could love you the same.
Love you just the same.

And you remind me of my favorite city,
The way the lights just drive me wild.
And the buildings they are so pretty.
You make me feel like a little child.
I feel just like a child.

I wish I had the talent of New Orleans,
A shoobie doobie do-wap cat.
Jammin' on my axe, a cool daddy-O,
Then I could play it like that,
Play it just like that.