- Halper (c. 1999)

There's something that I'd like to know.
Why do the icicles look down on the snow?
And why are the children so cold?
And still they won't wear their mittens,
And they don't wear their gloves?

And there's something I'd like you to know.
Working for another man is easy you know.
You do what they tell you to do.
And they'll tell you to do,
What they think you should do - you know.

Still, all of these questions and all of these facts,
Are tucked in my briefcase, while I'm relaxing
With you on my right and God on my left.
Singing our songs. Righting our wrongs. You know.

And there are some things that we'll never know.
Such as who made the funny bone and where did he go?
I'd like to have a word with him.
If you see him please ask: Was it worth all his trouble?

Still, all of these quirks and all of these qualms,
Are nothing compared to you in my arms.
And it should be a sin to feel this good.
It probably is. I think that it is. You know.