Mother Nature's Song

 - Halper (c. 1999)

Mother Nature sings the song of our maker's praise.
Her wonder is around us in so many ways.
Reach out to touch her and you'll show her
That you trust her and you know her
Ooh - Mother Nature's song.

Look her way and your thoughts will disappear.
Bathe in her sweet fragrance of crystal clear.
Meditate in her direction, show her some affection
And she'll bless you with a grateful now and here.

Feel the part of her that lives in you.
See the living light shining through.
Know her soft perfection and you'll be there too.

Listen to the rain as she tries to tell
The story of a balanced life she knows so well.
Live by her example, you can start with just a sample
Ooh - Mother Nature's song.