It's Alright

 - Halper (c. 1999)

I look into the starry sky, you tell me everything's alright.
Sometimes I want to run away but then you hug and hold me tight.
Summer swelter, run for shelter, keep this heat away from me.
But I don't look at life that way - you'll always shelter me
And it's alright.

All the folks who come to town want to ride the merry-go-round.
But me, I'd rather stay in place and settle down.
Hustle bustle, raise a fuss, I'll see them once and then they're gone.
But you are with me always when I wake up with the dawn
And it's alright

Topsy turvey, hurry scurry, everyone just moves so fast.
But me, I'd rather pray with you and make the moment last,
Prayin' "it's alright."