I Can't Speak Italian

 - Halper (c. 2004)

You say he speaks Italian, well ain’t that nice.
I’m old enough to know just what that means.
I want you just the way you want him – wouldn’t have to ask me twice
But I’ll just have to see you in between.

I’ve known you nearly half my life wouldn’t trade a day.
I thought they’d say the rest was history.
Now I’d fight him for your honor I thought it’d make you stay
But it’s not at all about that, don’t you see…

It’s about love and it’s about caring and it’s about giving my heart away.
And, it’s about simply being with you when we don’t have much to say.
And, it’s about giving you your freedom and the right to be wrong.
No, I can’t speak Italian, so I’ll just write this song.

You met him in the most romantic way.
Atop the Eiffel Tower did you say?
Well, I’ve never even been to France, but I’d like it so they say.
Does it count if I go “oui oui” every day?