Blue Sky Heaven

 - Halper (c. 1999)

Have you ever heard the wind whisper your name?
Have you ever whispered back?
Have you ever seen the sun break through the fog
And felt the chills run down your back?
Blue Sky Heaven melting on my face below;
It's God you know.

Have you ever tired to chase a rainbow down?
Ever wondered why it runs?
And have you ever seen children in the park
And wondered what they'll become?
Heavenly flowers press their scent against your nose;
It's God, you know.

Around us lies God's perfect world.
Open up your heart – become a part of it.
Our lives were meant to be wonderful.
We've all it takes – make no mistakes about it.
Blue Sky Heaven's here today.
Blue Sky Heaven's here today.

Have you ever been attached to someone's soul
And felt their love so true?
And have you ever looked into that very soul
And said "I want to grow old with you?"
Our children making angels in the snow;
It's God, you know.